David R Gammons

Three Sisters Poster

Why is happiness so elusive? Why do we live? What difference does anything make? These are the underlying questions that animate the characters in Anton Chekhov's masterpiece Three Sisters. First performed in Moscow in 1901, the play tells the story of four siblings: the sisters Olga, Masha, and Irina, and their brother Andrei, who live in a provincial Russian town that is the home to a military brigade. They are well-educated, privileged, intelligent, refined in their sensibilities, and idealistic, but that does not make their dreams of happiness and fulfillment any easier to achieve. This strikingly contemporary production makes clear that Three Sisters still stands as a testament to the short distance between hope and despair.

Three Sisters

Robsham Theatre Mainstage
Boston College
Department of Theatre
November, 2013

Photos: David R. Gammons