David R Gammons

America Poster

Thomas Middleton's outlandish 1606 Jacobean drama of Italian court intrigue The Revenger's Tragedy comes back to life as Skin & Bone in this stylish and stylized production. Vindici, still clinging desperately to the skull of his murdered lover, vows vengeance on the Duke and the entire royal family. A classical over-the-top masquerade of deviant desires, dastardly deceit, and deadly doom!

Anni Epstein, Austin J. Evans, Carly Rose, Liz Erardi, Kevin Morris, Lindsay Pennington, Jonathan Pohl, Jordan McLaughlin, Caroline Lellouche, Julianne Daly, Andy Garcia, & Casey Furlong

Skin and Bone

Adapted from The Revenger's Tragedy
By Thomas Middleton

Photos: David R. Gammons