David R Gammons

Oedipus, King of Thebes, rules a city ravaged by a deadly plague and haunted by a devastating curse. An oracle from Apollo confirms the source of this poisonous corruption: the murderer of the previous King, Laius, is still in Thebes, and must be driven out. Oedipus vows to bring this killer to light, triggering a chain of revelations that unearth long-buried secrets and threaten to tear the royal family — and the entire city — apart. Sophocles' ancient tragedy remains as thrilling and gut-wrenching as ever in this poetic and dramatically potent contemporary adaptation by playwright Ellen McLaughlin. Reckoning with a terrifying truth and its deadly consequences, "Oedipus" forces us to witness with our own eyes the inescapable power of fate.


By Sophocles
Adapted & Translated by Ellen McLaughlin


February 20–25, 2023
Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts
Studio Theatre, Blacksburg, Virginia

Photos: David R. Gammons