David R Gammons

Blackbird Poster

The 2008–09 Theatre 3 Company explored the lives, loves, and lyricism of the great Beat writers of American poetry. In 1955 a young writer, not yet thirty and living in San Francisco, embarked on a poem that was to change the literary landscape of America forever. Allen Ginsberg’s “HOWL” famously begins “I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness” and goes on to catalogue a litany of horrors, confusions, mysteries, and ecstasies that Ginsberg witnessed and experienced all around him in a rapidly transforming postwar America. Allen Ginsberg's monumental achievement provides a leaping-off point and backbone for the ensemble, who craft their own uncharted adventure across the national landscape, using language and movement, rhythm and rhyme to capture the free-wheeling experience of passionate artists on the vanguard of a new era in culture and literature.


Photos: David R. Gammons